Parent Involvement Policy


 Lee Elementary Parent Involvement Policy

Revised May 2015

Statement of Purpose

Amarillo ISD is committed to the goal of providing quality education for every child in this district and to establish partnerships with parents, teachers and our community and is dedicated to excellence in teaching and learning.  Parental support for their children and for the school is critical to their children’s success.  Grade level goals for the children of  Amarillo ISD will be available to all parents in the district, so that all students will work toward achieving these goals.  Title I campuses will include a direct link to the TEKS on their web sites that is easily accessible. We recognize that some students may need extra assistance available through various programs to reach these goals. Amarillo ISD invites parents to participate in all aspects of the district’s programs.  The goal is home-school partnerships that will help all students in the district to succeed.

Parent Involvement in Developing the Policy

An Advisory Committee consisting of parents, community members, students, teachers and principals will meet to develop our district’s Parental Involvement Policy.  Our Advisory Committee will be chosen from volunteers in each cluster attendance area in our district’s programs.  Special attention will be given to recruiting a diverse group of parents of children in the district.

Brief surveys will be used to provide input from parents as early as possible in the school year. These surveys will be printed in appropriate languages, and help will be provided to assist parents in completing the survey when needed.

Meeting for Parents

At least once a year, a meeting for parents will be held to provide information about  grade appropriate expectations for their child.  These meetings will consist of one meeting held in the evening and duplicate meeting held during the day and should be scheduled as early as possible in the semester.  Individual schools will provide campus specific Title I program information to parents of all students, including how Title I funds are being spent.  School administrators will attend training on Title I programs and fiscal issues. Interpretation will be available where practical.  Parents will be sent written notices about the meeting times and may also be contacted by telephone and/or email.  Copies of the Parent Involvement Policy will be available to parents and a chance to become involved in revising and updating the policy will be provided.  Annual meetings may be held in conjunction with parent-teacher organizations. 

Home-School Compact

(Mandatory for Title I and recommended for non Title I campuses)

The Home-School Compact will:

· Be developed jointly with parents and students

· Describe responsibilities of parents, students, and school to improve student 


· Describe the schools responsibility to provide high quality curriculum and 

   instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment.

· Describe ways in which parents will be responsible for supporting their

 children’s learning.

· Describe student responsibilities, which may vary by grade level.

· Address the importance of establishing ongoing, good communication between

   teachers and parents (at a minimum, conferences, progress reports, and access

 to staff).

Matching Programs to the Needs of Our Community

Each year, the school district will assess the needs of parents and children in the community through a variety of measures, including questionnaires sent home to parents, so that the district program will be tailored to meet those needs.  Workshops and other programs will be available to match the expressed needs.  Parents will be notified of parent education opportunities including conferences, seminars, or workshops that are available to them.  Parents will be notified about these opportunities through the individual schools. Parents may call the local school office at any time to express an interest in a particular workshop topic or to make suggestions.

Staff/Parent Communications

Communication with parents will include a newsletter distributed two to four times each year. There will be notices and activity packets sent home with students, phone calls, email, AISD website, conferences, and home visits as needed.  Teachers and staff will be encouraged to communicate positive information to parents, to be available to parents, and to respond to parent requests in a timely manner.  Parents will be encouraged to take the initiative in calling their child’s teacher when they are concerned about a problem.  They may also call the school office and ask for an interpreter for conferences.  Notices in English and other appropriate languages will be sent home when necessary.  Staff will receive training on how to improve home-school communication.  Parents may be invited to participate in such training sessions.   Parents will be encouraged to continue their involvement at all levels of their child’s education.


The district-wide Parent Involvement Advisory Committee will be involved in the policy review and improvement.  The Committee will evaluate the effectiveness of the policy in this district collecting written information in a variety of ways.  There will be an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the district’s parental involvement program.  The school district will revise its parent involvement policy on the basis of the annual review. This commitment to family involvement has been approved by the AISD Board of Trustees. The policy will be coordinated by supervisory staff and teachers throughout the district and promoted by building principals and other school staff.

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